Paper Crafts – Playsets and Tales From The Majestic Red Oak Forest – Miranda Mouse

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Miranda Mouse’s House Interior Example –

Miranda Mouse's House Interior Example


Tales from the Majestic Red Oak Forest – Miranda Mouse

By Patricia Webb 2014

Miranda Mouse blinking eyes

The wee hours of the morning in the old farmhouse were when all things human were asleep.  Miranda quietly stepped from the baseboard directly into the gaze of the farmer’s wife who was up and in the bathroom at the time. Neither made a sound, as the farmer’s wife was very surprised and Miranda Mouse was terrified.

Miranda stepped back behind the baseboard and flew to the deepest, darkest corner of the basement.  Pausing to catch her breath and to calm her racing heart, she began to plan.  She knew she would have to leave.

The farmer’s wife feared mice worse than death, so Miranda knew her days were numbered.  It would be dodging traps, being careful of every bite she ate and never again going anywhere in the dark lest she become entangled on one of those sticky strips.  She had seen the farmer’s wife on the warpath before.

All was not lost though, Miranda’s grandmother had left her home in the Red Oak Forest to Miranda so there was a place she could live.  However, it was in the big woods and Miranda had not been there in a long, long time.  Could she remember the way?

“Of course I can,” she said to herself, “and, if not I can ask the way”.  That being that, she went to her room and begin to pack.  She would leave at daybreak.

Leaving before the household arose, Miranda anticipated it being a short trip to Red Oak Lane and her grandmother’s house.  However, snow had begun to fall and landmarks she had remembered had been changed or hidden.

Lost in the forest

She chose many paths but all quickly became unfamiliar and she had to retrace her steps.   The snow became so deep she could scarcely move.

Seeing a hollow log she went in, thinking she could get out of the storm until the snow slowed or stopped.  But, soon she realized both ends would soon be filled so, she must get moving.

Plodding through the snow, not knowing which way she was going and knowing it soon would be dark she began to panic. “What would she do if an owl found her?  Or an …” “Stop it Miranda”, she told herself. “You can panic after you get out of this mess”.

Suddenly she had an idea, “I’ll climb a tree and see if I recognize anything.” That being said up an oak she went.  Sadly nothing looked familiar.  “Oh God, please help me”, she prayed.  “Well, I am not God, but, tell me your problem and perhaps I can help”, answered a voice from above, and, down slid a most dignified squirrel.  “I am Lord Sanderson, ma’am, how may I help?”,  he asked.

Miranda told him her problem. She was filled with joy when she found he had known her grandmother and knew exactly where she had lived.

“You stay here and I will find Casey Crow, who can fly you home”, he said.  Off he went jumping from branch to branch high in the air, traveling the super highway as the squirrel do.

Lord Sanderson sent Casey to retrieve Miranda and he stopped by Raki’s shoppe to pick up some supplies. He knew there would be no food at Miranda’s home.  Bonnie Bunny was there and she told Lord Sanderson she and Raki would go to Grandmother Mouse’s home; that they would start a fire and put on water for tea. “Poor, child, she must be exhausted”, said Bonnie.

So it was when Casey flew down with Miranda, her tree stump home was brightly lit and welcoming.

Bonnie and Raki met her at the door.  “Oh, do get out of those wet clothes, and come sit by the fire”, said Raki.  “Yes, and I will fix you a nice, hot cup of tea”, continued Bonnie.

Warm cozy fire

Soon the three were chattering like old, old friends.  It was decided, come Monday, bright and early, Miranda would report to Raki and become baker for the forest folk.

When they had said their good-byes and left for home Miranda sat thinking back over the day’s happenings.  This morning had looked so bleak, leaving the only home she had ever known, with just a few belongings, then getting lost in that big world of white outside. Now she had this lovely home, with a new job and most importantly, she had met many new friends – Lord Sanderson, Casey Crow, Raki Raccoon and Bonnie Bunny.

As she drifted off to sleep she whispered, “Thank you Lord, you are so good to me”.

“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee”.
~ Deuteronomy 31:6  KJV

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Paper Crafts – Play-sets and Tales From The Majestic Red Oak Forest – Instructions

Click on each page to enlarge; right click and save to your computer.

Print each page, let dry a bit then fold in each end on the line.  You will need to trim the  white on one end.  Not sure why that happens, but, it does.

After folding, glue center white sides together making a stand alone exterior scene, flipping to an interior scene.

Cut out play pieces and fold back.  Have fun!

This lovely purchased art is ©Lorie Davison – Thank you!


Miranda Mouse’s Home Exterior –

Miranda Mouse's House Exterior

Miranda Mouse’s Home Interior –

Miranda Mouse's House Interior


Miranda Mouse and Casey Crow –

Miranda and Casey

Cabinet –


Fireplace –


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