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Hello dear ones, I am sorry to be so long posting.

Our eldest son had a heart attack, then, just as he was released to go home our younger son had a diabetic episode and a portion of his big toe was amputated.  He also had contracted one of those super bugs that are difficult to treat and had cellulitis in the bad leg.

It has been a long haul as we have been visiting at the hospitals and their homes so not much time to work on graphics.

If you wish to use these just click on each to make sure it is the larger size and is animated, then, right click and save to your computer. Of course you may add a name.

A & BA God is our refuge ani


MA Mermaid Have a blessed day ani


May God's peace surround you


Mitzie Love is Kind ani


P Ann May God's peace surround you ani


P Ann Spring ani


CV Softly Falling Acadiant Font ani


BA I love you forever bunny


Thank you for your visit and please come again, anytime.  God’s blessings on you!