Paper Crafts – Playsets – Dwellings/Furniture – Dollhouse Book 2015

This is something new for me.  I made it for one of my grands.  She will paint it, assemble and put the pieces of furniture together also.  I know she is going to love it.

So, thought perhaps you might too.  The vacation holiday is coming soon and this will keep little fingers busy for a long while.

I think it will depend on the child’s ability rather than age.  I have a young one who is very adept and an older one that takes a bit longer.  However, both do get these types of projects completed and love it because they did it themselves.

1 Living Room Christmas Use


Christmas House Sofa


2 Dining Room Use


Refrigerator and table


3 Kitchen Christmas House Use b


4 Bedroom Christmas House Use

I used the dining room cabinet, bedroom dresser and pillow template from Terri Pettit – http://tpettit.best.vwh.net/dolls/pd_scans/index.html –  (A book by Kathryn Jackson illustrated by Hilda Miloche and Wilma Kane).

Antique chairs from – http://www.olddesignshop.com

Christmas House Bed Use


  1. Print each page and fold in half

2.  Glue back right side of living room page (on the white side)  to back left side of dining room.

3. Glue back right side of dining room to back left side of kitchen.

4. Glue back right side of kitchen to back left side of bedroom.

5. Glue back right side of bedroom to back left side of living room.

6. Press each page firmly, lining it up as you go.  Then, fold in two and place a heavy object on top until thoroughly dry.

7.  I did not color as mine is a gift and she can color, but you might wish to color before you glue.  It would be much easier.


Example of completed pages



Christmas craft for guys

I printed and assembled these for three of my grandsons and they are perfect.

After I put it together I painted inside of castle bottom green for grass, added a stone walkway between tower and gatehouse, added small trees, shrubs and a few flowers.

On the exterior I glued a coat of arms, added a moat and a summer garden. I printed a dragon and put him on top of the tower.

Castle to download, print, cut and assemble – Parents or grandparents should do this as you never know what is lurking on the net.


2. You must have a Dragon –


Ok, decided to add the one I did in case you want to use it.




3. Knights to download, print and cutout (These are just the right size to go with castle. I printed different sets so the guys could have their own armies.

Click to access Soldiers1.pdf


Imperfect Soldiers #2 –


Imperfect Nobles –

Click to access Nobles.pdf

I will be back to post some more Christmas things.  I am going to post early just in case my computer decides it does not wish to come online again.

Remember, in  the busy rush of the times that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!”