Paper Crafts – Playsets and Tales From The Majestic Red Oak Forest – Flicker-Flame the Littlest Lightning

School is out in our area of the country so know moms are trying to keep little ones occupied.  With that in mind I am posting a new story and play-set hoping someone will have fun with it, use their imaginations and think up all sorts of wonderful stories.

I am sorry my printer is out of ink due to the grands end of year  school reports.  I will get some as soon as I can and assemble and post pictures for you.

It is not difficult, print on 8 1/2 x 11 inch cardstock, cut, fold on lines turning in towards you – glue middle back pieces together (white sides) and let dry. It should now stand alone so interior and exterior sides can be viewed.  Cut out individual pieces and fold so they stand.

The Play-set Pieces will follow the story. It is lovely purchased art © Lorie Davison, thank you!  loriedavison.blogspot.com

Flicker-Flame the Littlest Lightning

Early in the morning, just at sunrise, if you will look to the east perhaps you will be able to see the golden home of the lightning.

It is a beautiful place, inside and out, as everything is in the heavenlies.

Of course, if you see the sun and if you see the palace, then, you won’t actually see the lightning as they will be out and about over the world, wherever there are storms.

However, one probably will be there, unless he is up to some mischief and that would be Flicker-Flame. He is the youngest and smallest of all the Lightning clan.

Nina, Keeper of the Realm, who looks after him when all are away, likes to tell him when he grows up he is going to be a “real mean streak”.

Personally, I doubt that. I have known him most of his life and I really like him. Of course, he does have his moments.

Flicker can come in a huge flash with everyone seeing him, or being sort of magical, can also come and go without anyone seeing him. Especially when he is sneaking away from Nina, because he doesn’t want her to see him at all.

In Red Oak Lane there lives a big bunny who sure can tell some tall ones. I’ll not call him a liar, don’t you know, but he stretches the truth a long way.

One day Flicker decided he was going to teach that ole’ bunny a lesson. He became invisible and followed Buddy around for a spell and just when one of his stories got big and the lies even bigger, Flicker hit him with a lightning bolt. Not a big one, just enough that Buddy knew he had been hit.

By the way, Flicker learned that little trick pestering Nina’s cats Fi and Fo … a little jolt here … a little jolt there …

Buddy Bunny ani

After a dozen or so of those hits Buddy finally got the message and decided it was way better to tell the truth. Which, of course it is!

Then, there’s the time he saved the birthday party for Felicity Fox. Her mother-in-law is a crabby person. Maybe she is ill or old or a little of both but nothing is ever right when she is about … the house is too cold … the food tastes odd … the neighbors noisy … you get the idea, you probably know somebody like that.

Flicker overheard her tell Felicity she would be over for the birthday party Saturday if it didn’t rain. He knew what was in store for Felicity and friends and decided to do everybody a favor.

Saturday morning he went over to that lady’s house and every time she opened the door to check the weather he would let out a huge flash. He got such a kick out of it he did it all day and way into the night. She decided home was the safest place to be.

Old Lady's Home ani

So, yes, as I said, he is not above a little mischief.

On the other hand, when the raccoon kids were being punished for taking candy from the store, he knew they had been sent to their room without light, so he hid in the big oak just outside and kept flashing so they would not be afraid in the dark.

Raccoon Kid's Window

BUT, do think twice before telling those whoppers and watch it when you are feeling crabby … ’cause you never really know who might be about.

Next time a storm blows in, if you see a little lightning strike … it just might be Flicker coming to say “hey”.

NOTE: Flicker would like for you to know –

Lighning is dangerous! When you see a flash it is a warning – Mom and Dad, cover things up, rain is coming – Put the animals in shelter – And, everyone go inside as quickly as possible. NEVER EVER get under a tree!

Lightning and thunder may also be a warning that water and big winds are coming, so you too may need to go to your safe shelter.

~ P. Webb 2015

Some interesting facts about lightning for kids – Ask your mom to take you there, please.  Some sites are not safe for little ones.

http://easyscienceforkids.com/all-about-thunder-and- lightning/

“The LORD reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the
multitude of isles be glad thereof.

His lightnings enlightened the world: the earth saw, and
trembled”.  Psalms 97:1 and 4 KJV

Have fun and do come again!  God bless!

Characters –

Flicker Flames Characters

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Flicker Flames Home Exterior

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Flicker Flames Home Interior