Paper Crafts – Vintage Pieces for Collage/Altered Art – Sleeping Beauty

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Long ago mom would read to us – bible stories – children’s classics – whatever she thought would be of interest. She said grandmother read to the twelve of them and Grandmother’s grandmother would tell them fairy tales from the old country. I know my daughter and daughters-in law read to our grands.

Have you ever wondered how many little minds have known the wonder of fairy tales? How many times have the words been said, “Long ago and far away” or “and they lived happily ever after”?

My favorite story is “Sleeping Beauty” I read that it had been around since 1330. So, when I saw these fairy tale postcards at tuckdb.org I saved them. I knew sooner or later they would be used here.

God has given each of us a wonderful imagination, so print these art pieces painted years and years ago, then use YOUR imagination … create something beautiful. Most of all, have fun!

Sleeping Beauty Vintage Art tuck db org


Sleeping Beauty's Castle


working accessories for sleeping beauty


Medieval Life


Medieval Scene a

Many thanks to the following for use of their lovely art –

Postcards – “Sleeping Beauty” Art – http://tuckdb.org

Castle Art, Shield/Sword and Medieval Coloring Sheets – http://www.fromoldbooks.org

Crown – http://thegraphicsfairy.com

‘Valley of Roses’ Roses – Recolored – http://antique-passion.blogspot.com
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