Paper Crafts – Vintage Pieces for Collage/Altered Art – A Paris and French Collage

I was viewing Etsy and saw some lovely images, sort of like these.  I thought “Hmm, perhaps I can do this too”.  So, here are some of the results.  If you like them you are welcome to download, print and use.

To use, click on graphic, click again if you wish the larger size, then, right click and save to your computer.


Paris Frame

Antique FrenchCollage

AntiqueFrench  Frame

Many, many thanks to the following for their courtesy in allowing use of images:

Flowers, birdcage and corset images –

Bird, postcard and clock images –

Letters and labels –

Maude Fealy Images –

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Thank you very much for visiting.  I do hope you found items you can use to make beautiful art.  Please come again anytime and God bless you and yours!