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A The Fairy Glen Example

The Fairies of Red Oak Forest

by P. Webb  2014

Ever wonder what the animals do in the cold dark days when snow blankets all or when it rains for weeks on end?

Well, among other things and like boys and girls, they read, pretend (which is using their imaginations), and play games.

Their parents spend much time re-telling old stories … exciting tales of adventure; of love and hate and of mysterious happenings.

However, their favorite stories are those about the little folk … the Fairy Dell, the grand balls, the teas and the antics of the fairy-folk.

What, you don’t know of the wee ones and haven’t heard any of their stories?  Well, dear ones you are about to, ’cause I will tell you such a story.

The Fairy Glen is found in a secret place deep in the heart of Red Oak Forest.  No matter how much it snows, how cold it gets, how much it rains it never, ever affects the glen.  Nothing changes there … it is way over a million years old but, there it remains, same as always.

Once my great-grandmother’s grandmother was lost  and found her way there, which is how we even know of its existance.

Grammy was very, very tired. She said she had walked for miles and had reached the end. Falling to the ground she was too exhausted to stand. It was then she was saved by the fairies, Daffadil, Rose, Bluebell and Violet.

Daffy ani
Daffy saw Grammy’s condition and knew fairy tea was what was needed.  Fairy tea is the elixir of strength. She sent Rose to retrieve it from Bluebell.

The fairies gather moonbeams when the moon is full and catch the dew drops early, early each morning.  Then they add a touch of the North Wind for strength, add some jasmine for flavor and toss in the exact amount of wild honey from the Buzz. I don’t think there is anything a sip of that tea won’t fix.  However, it is very dear. It does not keep and it must be mixed every day.

Rose was in such a hurry to get the tea back to Daffy that she dropped the jar.  The precious liquid poured from the container and soon it was empty.  Oh, my!

Rose 2

Rose didn’t know what to do and neither did Daffy when Rose returned and told what had happened.

Daffy said, “I will put her to sleep until we figure out what do do”, and she began to sing.  Of course, when a fairy sings a human will go to sleep and Grammy slept.

“Rose, go over to Bluebell’s and see if she has any tea and I will go to Violets”, she said.  Both left on their errand and soon returned … with no tea.  Bluebell and Violet came too, as they wanted to see the human.


Bluebell 1

“Ah, look how peaceful.  She is sooo cute”, said Bluebell. Can we keep her?”  “Shh, don’t wake her”, cautioned Daffy, “remember we don’t have the tea yet”.

Much discussion followed.  How much tea would be needed for a human? Certainly much more than they needed, considering the size difference. Where would they get that much tea all at one time? That provided a real quandary.

“I know we have enough moonbeams saved and the North Wind will help anytime, but what about the dew drops and honey? asked Violet.  “All the dew we can collect in the morning won’t be enough”, said Bluebell, “but we can go ask about the honey now and then we will have to figure out the rest later”.

All agreed so it was off to the Buzzes to get the honey.

They were all chattering at once, when they met Bing-A Buzz. He was trying to make heads or tails of it all.  “Now, wait a minute”, he said, “just one at a time”.  So, starting with Daffy they each told him what had happened and what their problem was.

They were surprised when Bing didn’t think it much of a problem and even more surprised when he gave them as much fairy tea as they needed.  You see, each time the fairies came for honey they paid him in tea, so he and the Buzzes had their fairy tea each day. Meaning he still had all the tea they had collected for that day.

The fairies were sooo very happy.  However, Daffy remembered that Rose dropped the tea that morning so, she gave some to Violet to carry and asked Bing if he and the Buzzes could deliver more to their home.

Violet ani

Later, they awakened Grammy, gave her the tea to drink and waited for her to get better.  Soon she was feeling good as new.

They took her to the path that led to her home and said their good-byes.  Each amazed they had actually seen the other and believe me, those happenings have provided hours of story-telling down through the years.

~ The End ~

Here are the fairies – Daffy, Rose, Violet and Bluebell. Print the Fairy Glen and all pieces.
Cut them out, then fold.  Cut out the cups and leaf saucers.

Glue cups together then glue cup into leaf saucer. Glue leaf top into leaf bottom.

You can plan many exciting adventures with the fairies … using your imaginations, of course!

1 The Fairy Glen
Lovely Fairy Glen art gifted by Lorie Davison of http://scrapbookgraphics.com/

5 Daffy and Rose Fairy


6 Bluebell and Violet Fairies

Fairy art by P. Ann – Thank you!

2 Violet and Daffy Cups


3 Rose and Bluebells Cups


4 Fairy Leaf Saucers

Cup Pattern by Laura Campbell – http://www.laurakirste.com

I made the Leaf Saucer Pattern

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.
Ecclesiastes 12:1  KJV

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