Paper Crafts – Play-sets and Tales From The Majestic Red Oak Forest –
A Home for Felicity

Story will be below play-set.

Click on each page, print, let dry a bit then fold in each end on the line.  You will need to trim the white on one end.  Not sure why that happens, but, it does.

After folding, glue center white sides together making a stand alone  exterior scene, flipping to an interior scene.

Cut out play pieces and fold back.  Have fun!

Lovely purchased art © Lorie Davison – http://loriedavison.blogspot.com – Thank you!

Home of the Fox Exterior – Example

Home of the Fox Exterior Example

Home of the Fox – Exterior

Home of the Fox Exterior

Home of the Fox – Interior

Home of the Fox Interior

You may make this a bedroom or living room, it is your choice.


Felicity's Bedrpp,


Rose Sofa


Pink Rug

Frederick and Felicity Fox – Interior and Exterior Pieces

Frederick and Felicity Fox

Bed and Sofa Example

Example of bed and sofa

Playsets and Tales From The Majestic Red Oak Forest – A Home for Felicity.

By Patricia Webb 2013

Felicity Fox wanted a house … it didn’t need to be grand or with lots of rooms … just something she could make into a home.  Actually, she wanted her own bedroom, a bed, beautiful spreads, pillows and flowers.

She and Frederick had been married a while now, but, so far, no home.  It had been a cave here, a tree hollow there and once even a hollow stump.  Sure they were warm and out of the weather but they definitely were not her heart’s desire.

Frederick was quick to remind her houses were mostly for humans unless you were like Poppy and allowed to live on the farm or had considerable funds like Raki Raccoon and could buy one.

Felicity had mentioned it to Mrs. Bluebird once when walking through the woods.  Mrs. Bluebird had told Mr. Bluebird as she always told him everything.  Which, in this case was a wonderful thing because Mr. Bluebird knew of an empty house.

Not wanting to raise her hopes in case something went amiss Mr. Bluebird told Frederick about it.  It was on the other side of the forest and had been empty for years.  Mr. Bluebird said it was all grown up and would need a ton of work, that it belonged to the old miller who moved to be near his daughter when he became too ill to grind the corn and, that he would not be returning.

Mr. Bluebird took Frederick around to see it and sure enough it was a good sturdy building.  Of course, the roof thatching needed a lot of repair but other than that most of the work would be in cutting trees, bushes and grass and cleaning up inside.  The place was for lease and, thank God, was an amount Frederick could afford.

Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird had a good talk that night and decided they were going to have a big house cleaning party and not tell the Foxes anything about it.  So, while the Foxes were working and carefully saving for the payment on the house, all the animals were secretly working on the house.

The bears cut up all the wood and brush that was in the lane and hauled it away.  The squirrel met one week-end and gave the house a thorough going over, sweeping, moping, waxing … they took down all the ragged curtains and blinds.

Raki Raccoon found a good deal on material and she, Mrs. Bluebird and Lady Sanderson made new curtains, covers and pillows.

Of course, the sheep once again gave wool for mattresses and the hens feathers for the pillows. The rabbits went hither and yon gathering dishes, pots and pans and necessary kitchen equipment; while the crows and many of the forest animals repaired the roof.

Someone remembered that Poppy Ram had old furniture in his attic so a trip was made to the farm to see if Poppy could spare some. He could and did and Lord Sanderson provided carts for transporting all to the house.

Soon, it was ready and it certainly was lovely.  The Foxes were told everyone was going to meet them at the house on Saturday and were going to pitch in and help them clean up the place.  So, on the day of the clean-up party Frederick and Felicity appeared dressed in old working clothes to find everyone else dressed in their finest.  Felicity was upset about the clothes until she saw the house and understood what had happened … then there was great happiness and much joy.

For, not only did Frederick and Felicity now have a lovely home BUT they had a forest full of friends who cared.

When everyone works together great things can be accomplished!

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“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it”
Ps. 127:1 KJV

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