Paper Crafts – Playsets and Tales From The Majestic Red Oak Forest – Help For Lili-Lamb

Here is another play-set using the lovely purchased art © Lorie Davison

I will post the examples and play-set first then the story.

Poppy’s Home Exterior Example –

Poppy's Home Exterior Example

Poppy’s Home Interior Example –

Poppy's Home Interior Example

Poppy’s Home Exterior –

Poppy's Home Landscape

Poppy’s Home Interior –

Poppy's Home Interior Landscape

Characters for Playset – Poppy-Ram, Lili-Lamb and Casey

Poppy-Ram, Lili-Lamb and Casey

Playsets and Tales From The Majestic Red Oak Forest – Help for Lili-Lamb.

By Patricia Webb 2013

Roger Ram or “Poppy” as everyone calls him, lives in the cottage
on the outskirts of the forest,
the beginning of Red Oak Lane. It is as far from the farm as he
can get and as close to the woods as he is allowed.

He is a loner, quiet and peaceful; even though he has been known to knock
a few heads in his time and, butt a few … well, you know.

Left to his own devices he has become close friends with
all the wild life.  He puts out  sugar water for the hummers, remembers
each evening to throw out corn and sunflower seeds
from his garden for the critters; and always fills the birdbath.
That alone has endeared him to the hearts of countless birds, raccoon,
rabbit and even the little chipmunks that come and go.

Once, when Farmer John shot pellets into the flock of crows
to get rid of them,  one hit and broke Casey Crow’s wing.  Casey lived under
Poppy’s forsythia bush the whole winter until the wing healed. He would always
be grateful for the food and water  that Poppy provided during that time. As far
as he is concerned this place is  “his home” and he visits daily.

One day Poppy’s little grand-daughter came to stay for a spell.
It was hoped  the fresh country air and sunshine would bring
some happiness as she adjusted to her new life.

Poppy cooked great tasting food and baked yummy desserts in the
hope something would tempt her to eat. But all she would do was sit in
that wheelchair with her head on her chest.  Often tears could be seen
rolling down her cheeks. Neither television nor dvds appealed to her.
She would listen if he read stories … but not for long, quickly becoming restless.  What was to be done?

Throwing the corn out one evening Poppy had an idea.  Next morning
he wheeled Lili’s chair  outside and placed it under the big oak.
He went back inside and returned with a lovely breakfast and a drawing
pad and colored pencils.  He said “We will eat our  meal with the birds
this morning  and afterwards you can draw”.  He broke
pieces of bread and a tart and left it under the tree.

Very soon Casey flew over and noticed the bread.  Of course,
he had to investigate,  especially as food was involved.  While they
ate Poppy kept a conversation going.  He said “the bread is really hot and  good,
might be better with a dab of butter though –  maybe some strawberry jam,
what do you think Casey?”  Casey hopped over for a bite.  Then Poppy
handed  one to Lili who ate it also.  He did the same with the tea  and
then the tarts.  First thing you know breakfast was finished  and Lili had eaten her first full meal.  Wow!

Poppy gave the drawing pad and pencils to her and told her she
might like to draw Casey, while he was washing the dishes.

Casey, being Casey, a most pretentious and vain little crow, preened
and cleaned his feathers and looked bright eyed at Lili, waiting for her to begin.
She dropped the pencil but he flew over and picked it up for her. When Poppy
returned Lili was busy as a bee drawing, all the while giving orders to Casy.
“Hold still … look this way … don’t move your wing … Come on,
Bird, you have to stop wiggling”.  Casey looked at Poppy and winked.

Poppy knew Lili was on her way to recovery even if she would never walk.
She was eating again, she had found something she loved to do and
she had found a friend.  Thinking of all the little critters around that she would
meet and possibly would draw he was happy and very grateful.
Another little one to care for had been added to his menagerie.

Smiling he thought, “God, home and those who need me …
Yes sir, that is what is most important!”

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The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart
– Psalms 34:18  KJV