Paper Crafts – The Majestic Red Oak Forest Playset and Story – Raki Raccoon

I have to admit I never grew up … still love paper-crafts, paperdolls, dollhouses, playsets, etc.  So,  when I found the beautiful art of Lorie Davison I just had to make  something for  the grands.  The sets turned out so cute, decided to post for you to use. Here is the third set. A story is below the graphics.

Click on each page, right click, save to your computer, print and assemble.
Oh, when you assemble furniture use a marker to color white edges, looks nicer.

Raki Raccoon's Home Example

Raki Raccoon’s Home Interior Example

On exterior and interior scenes below – Fold ends inward – Glue
center white sections together – You will then have two standing scenes.

Raki Raccoon's Home Exterior

Raki Raccoon’s Home Exterior

Raki Raccoon's Home Interior

Raki Raccoon’s Home Interior

Raki Raccoon and Kits

Raki Raccoon and Kits

Burgundy Sopfa with Stripes

Burgundy Sofa with Stripes

Chair a

Chair Interior and Exterior

Lovely purchased art © Lorie Davison – http://loriedavison.blogspot.com – Thank you!

Information regarding the raccoon




O.K., here is the story.  I do hope everyone can read it without
words running off the pages.

Playsets and Tales From The Majestic Red Oak Forest  – Raki Raccoon.

By Patricia Webb 2013

  • Raki Raccoon, is a modern young animal – definitely not of the
    old school … not one to wait around for some good-looking raccoon
    to come calling, then raise numerous nurseries of kits.

She wanted more than  that …  to do things her way …
to find a source of income  …to secure a nice home …  to fill it with lovely
items … then, maybe, just maybe she
“might” go looking for the perfect mate.

So, far things had gone according to plan … Being an industrious little
raccoon  she began collecting walnuts, pecans and acorns; then cotton,
hay and feathers.  When berries were in she picked the blackberries,
blueberries  and raspberries.  In the fall it was busy days of gathering
potatoes, carrots,  beets and pumpkins.  All items the forest
householders needed and could use.

Very soon she had a prosperous trading business.  Then, she found a darling
little home way back in the forest.  Since then, she had been working diligently
to place comfortable furniture in each room.  Of course, it also
had to be beautiful furniture.

Now, everything was going to have to be put on hold … her sister had been
involved in an accident and Raki was the only family member that
could care for her two kits,  as their father was away.

“Me, acting as a mother? What on earth do I know about being a mother?
Heavens, I wasn’t even that close with my own mother”, she worried.

Nothing could be done about it, however, and that night the two
kits were delivered … in the basket they loved and sound asleep. Snuggled
close, they looked sooo cute and Raki thought, “It can’t be but so hard, can it?
I can do this!”

Next day the little ones wanted to go out and play.  Of course Raki
said it was alright, not once remembering a raccoon mom must go out with
the kits and mark the area with her scent so the kits will know where to go
to eat and play and know how to get back home.

To make sure they were safe Raki went out several times to check on them.
A few times she went to the door and called, waiting for their answer.  Humming
to herself, she got busy counting and bagging the pecans and completely forgot all about them.

Suddenly remembering, she quickly went looking for them, but the
twins were nowhere to be seen. She looked everywhere.  At first thinking
they were just out of hearing or talking to someone she was not too worried,
but then after not finding them she started to panic.  After all, they were little
more than babies.

Barnabas Bluebird flew over about that time and told Raki one of her kits
was in his tree and he was afraid the raccoon would get in the nest
with the eggs.  So off she went to retrieve him.  BUT, it was not that easy.
Every time she went up  to get him he would run way, way out on the tree limb
making  it bend AND he  wouldn’t just stay on one limb
he kept climbing higher and higher.

Raki, just knew she was going to have a heart-attack right there and die.
She begged him to stay put so she could get him, but he thought  this was
just the “funnest of fun games” and kept right on moving.

Raki had a thought, she said, “If you will let me bring you down
I will give you a nice hot, buttered ear of corn”.  That did it, down he
came. However, I don’t think it was an ear of corn he got right at
that moment … but, maybe.

Taking him back home she left him in the care of Lady
Sanderson while she kept looking for the other twin.

Everyone joined in the search, they looked in the forest, in the fields,
in the marsh, by the brook, at the farm, but, no little raccoon.
Someone remembered the barn and they looked there as well.

Raki wearily went home to get some hot coffee, to change shoes
and try to decide where to look next.  Opening the closet door she bent
to get her boots and there was the little lost ball of fur,
sound asleep in the dark closet.

“Heaven’s, what a relief, thank you, Lord!”, she said. Then she went
outside and thanked everyone for their help. “Tomorrow when I am more
up to it  I will thank you properly,” she promised, as each left to go home.

A little later there was a knock at the door. It was the twin’s
father. He told Raki he had come to take them off her hands and
wanted to thank her for her kindness in caring for them.  She didn’t
tell him what had happened, not even a hint of it and she quickly turned
the little rascals over to him.

As the sound of his footsteps died away, she sank gratefully
down into the recliner … “Ah, alone at last … peace and quiet!
No, she thought to  herself … I am not ready for the patter of little
feet … not for a long, long, LONG time”.

” … But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”
Jos. 24:15  KJV

I hope you have enjoyed  our “Paper Crafts – The Majestic Red Oak Forest Playset and Story – Raki Raccoon”