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Paper Crafts – The Majestic Red Oak Forest Playset and Story – The Bluebird’s Nest

By Patricia Webb  2013

If you climb the stairs, way, way up in Lord Sanderson’s tree
house, then, locate the old clock on the wall, and quietly open its
door, you will see where Barnabas Bluebird is hoping to build his new nest.

Barnabas is just tipsy with happiness.  He has looked high and low
for the best spot for a nest and Red Oak Manor is the best. All
around are junipers, holly, sumac and lots of honeysuckle for
winter food.  A stream weaves in and out of the forest. You can
hear its tinkling, even in dry spells. Thus, water and food are
assured. On finding this perfect home-place, Barnabas has made
many, many trips gathering building material.

All the while his thoughts have been full of Beatrice … He is
determined he is going to win the affections of that lovely little
bird.  “Well, he just has to”, he repeats to himself for the hundredth time.

However, Sly, another bluebird, has just such intentions himself and that has
led to this “get it done first and get it done right” urgency for Barnabas.

A perfect nesting site and perfect materials means nothing if the lady in
question does not accept it, for that is the way of the
female bluebird.  And, how to get her to accept was the BIG question.

Remembering his mother’s saying “The shame is not in the asking
when you don’t know, it is in NOT asking when you don’t know”.
So, he would just ask.

A little embarrassed to ask his mom, he made a trip to his
grandmother.  Explaining the situation he was happy when she
had an answer for him.  “Barnie, we ladies love soft things.  Go
find the softest of soft and I promise she will love it and will love
you getting it for her”.

Off he flew thinking of all he had already gathered … Grasses …
soft?  Yes, check … Sticks … soft?  Nah … well, maybe some were …
Plant stems … Yes, check …

Wow, before his eyes were lots of pine needles. Pine needles are soft
and smell wonderful too!  So, right then he flew those to his pile
and mentally checked them off the list.

Bright and early next morning he flew over to Farmer John’s
chicken lot. He was thinking … chickens … feathers … soft.
Landing there he went in search of Hettie the Hen who happily gave
him lots of feathers.

She also told him to check with the sheep that they might give
him some wool.  He wondered why he hadn’t thought of that,
wool was certainly soft.  And, sure enough he did get
the wool and on the way back ran into Raki-Raccoon who told him the lower
forty had been cut and there was plenty of hay there.  So, he
gathered some hay as well.

Everything was ready, would Beatrice accept or not?

Not one to put things off he put the supplies in order, cleaned his
feathers until they shone and flew off to escort Miss Beatrice back
to view his place and see what she thought.

She loved it … she loved the tree … she loved its location … she
loved that there would be food and water nearby … she loved
the fact she could easily drop in for tea with Lady Sanderson by
popping through the clock door … and most importantly … she loved Barnabas.

So, dear ones, it is with great joy that we welcome you to the
lovely “soft” home, called appropriately, “The Bluebird’s Nest”.

The Bluebird’s Nest Example –
Beautiful purchased art © Lorie Davison – http://loriedavison.blogspot.com

The Bluebird’s Nest Door

The Bluebird's Nest Door

The Bluebird’s Nest in Forest

The Bluebird's Nest in Forest

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