Paper Crafts – The Majestic Red Oak Forest – Lord and Lady Sanderson of Red Oak Manor

Welcome to Red Oak Forest, dwelling place of Lord and Lady Sanderson,
the brothers Fox, Miranda Mouse, Bonnie Bunny,
the Bluebird family and Oliver Owl.
There are, of course, many others, all of whom you
will meet in due time, I promise!

Today we are introducing the Sandersons who live in the old oak,
Red Oak Manor.  No one knows  the actual age of their home, but it
has been lovingly cared for by many generations of squirrel …
some frisky and frivolous, some old and cantankerous
and some kind and generous.

Lord and Lady Sanderson are most kind, no stranger in the forest
is unwelcome and all are invited to the Old Oak.  As you can see
comfort is the main attraction here from  good food to lovely accommodations.

Please make yourself at home and we will tell you a bit about the squirrel.

The squirrel have their own unique language. Listen
very carefully and you will hear.

A rapid “kuk, kuk, kuk” means there is immediate danger.
A drawn out “Ku-u-uk”, sounded at two second intervals, warns of
less immediate danger. A slow “kuk, kuk, kuk” indicates the danger is over.

They also use a very effective sign language. Instead of
hands they use their tails. Really!

Rapid jerks are threat gestures. Rapid waves (looser than jerks) are
a sign of agitation. Holding the tail against the back means “all is clear”.

The cardinals, blue buntings and mourning doves all pay
attention to these squirrel warnings too.

Usually the squirrel will have two litters a year. In late winter or
very early spring, two or three baby squirrel will be born in the
snug tree hollow. Often, during the hot summer days, the squirrel
will make a leafy nest up in the tree branches. There, two or three
more little ones will be born. Curiously Papa Squirrel will have no part in
feeding, or caring for the small ones.  Oh, before I forget to tell you,
their homes are called “Drays”.

As yet there have been no little ones born to Lord and Lady
Sanderson, although that is a subject of much happy speculation.
And, if such a joyous occasion arrives you will be the first to know.

Now you know a little about the happenings in the lives of Lord
and Lady Sanderson. If you have  the time and inclination, stop by
again and learn more of the animals of Red Oak Forest.

For now we bid you a fond farewell.

~ ~ ~

This is Red Oak Manor, Lord and Lady Sanderson’s home; and it is a
play-set for you to download, print and assemble.

Home Exterior Example –

Red Oak Manor Exterior Example

Home Interior Example –

Red Oak Manor Interior Example

Play-set Example – cut and assembled –

Interior Example

If you wish to download and print the home –
Click each graphic below to enlarge, right click,
save to your computer and print.

Lord and Lady Sanderson's Home Exterior

Red Oak Manor Interior

Lord and Lady Sanderson

You will need to trim one white edge on each printed room sheet.
I am not sure how this comes about,  but it does.

Fold on lines at each end of sheet,  then, glue  the white center backs together

Fold white pieces under Lord and Lady Sanderson so they will stand.

This lovely purchased art  is © Lorie Davison – Thank you so much!

We hope you enjoy crafting this play-set
Paper Crafts – “The Majestic Red Oak Forest – Lord and Lady Sanderson
of Red Oak Manor”
and we invite you to stop by anytime.

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“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high
shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”.  Psalms 91:1  KJV