Paper Crafts – Vintage Pieces for Collage/Altered Art

We are to have rain, rain, and more rain, so thought perhaps you might enjoy
making something today.  Get a pot of hot tea, some goodies, and
start downloading.  Most of all, have fun!


May Collage 2013

May Collage 2013 Elements


May Collage 2013 Example

This makes a lovely collage as well as a 3-D scene.  Click on each page
to make sure it is enlarged, right click, save to your computer.

1. Print background page and elements page onto card stock.  (Spray with hairspray or acrylic  and let dry, if you wish).

2. Carefully cut out each piece.

3. To begin play around with your elements, moving several
times to find  where you want each placed on your background.  When satisfied glue in place.

The example included is just that, an example, look at it, then
go with your own ideas. You may wish to make your objects 3-D.
That is why there are several of the same items on the elements sheet.

Observe things around you – notice how items protrude.
Now go build up each of your elements
on your picture until you are happy with the results.

4.  Use a hot glue gun, drop a drop or two of glue, let it set up  a bit
… when it is cooler add another drop …
it is easier to build up each section this way.

5. Dollar Tree has picture frames for certificates or diplomas
that are perfect for framing these. If it is to
be 3-D remove the glass, save it for another project,
and place the picture in the frame.

After it is in the frame and completed I would  paint on a  coat of modge podge.

Many thanks to the suppliers of this Collage/Altered Art project

1. Background – http://dittersfreedoodles.blogspot.com

1. Painting – “Kelmscott Manor” by Marie Spartali Stillman – http://www.artmagick.com

2. Camelia flower – http://www.daisyweb.it

3. Elements – http://scrapsbyjessica.blogspot.com

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Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek Thee.   Psalm 9:10  KJV

In Thee I place my trust, on Thee I calmly rest; I know Thee good,
I know Thee just, And count Thy choice the best.    H. F. Lyte


Enjoy this Paper Crafts – Vintage Pieces for Collage/Altered Art.