I have taken the bibical lessons from the Vacation Bible School  “Kingdom Rock” and applied them on a smaller scale for those of us with limited income to use.

If you will Bing or Google “VBS Kingdom Rock” you can find the home site which has all sorts of fun things you can download and have permission to print and use in your local church.

However, as the items here are not used just locally, that permission will not apply. So, with that in mind everything here is similar to what they have, but is not their material and all materials used here are in the public domain and, as such, you may freely use.  Of course, not in an illegal or immoral way.

You may choose to make your mini-scene playsets per class or you may find it more fun to print a set for each child.

I do hope you enjoy crafting these and may God’s blessing be on you as you teach the children.