Vacation Bible School “Kingdom Rock” – Day 2

Bible Point: Family and friends help us stand strong.

Bible Verse:  (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Bible Story: Mordecai encourages Esther to do the right thing. (Esther 1–9)

1. Print Castle Exterior fold each end toward you.

Castle Exterior

2. Print Castle Interior, fold each end toward you.

Castle Interior A

3. Glue the white center backs together. *Glue centers only.

You will have a stand alone Castle Exterior scene  on one side, then, turn page and you will have a stand alone Castle Interior scene.

Use Castle Interior with Esther’s story.

4. Print “Esther being crowned sheet”, cut out and assemble.


5. Print knights in blue – Cut and assemble.

Esther's Knight

See Esther Example

Castle Interior Esther

6. Print crowns – you may use crown with jewels or print the plain crown and sheet of jewels.  Jewels may be glued to crown.  Print a crown for each child.

Crown 1

Crown 2

Crown 2 Jewels

Crown Example –

Crown 1 Example

Materials used for this lesson – Thank you!

1. Black and white background pictures for Esther  courtesy of –


2. Castle, Castle Interior courtesy of –


3. Black and white knight pictures courtesy of –


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