Vacation Bible School “Kingdom Rock” – Day 1

Bible Point: God’s love helps us stand strong.

Bible Verse: (Psalm 18:1)

Bible Story: David writes about God’s love. (Psalm 23)

Instructions –

1. Print “David’s Psalms 23” page and fold ends toward you.

David's Psalm 23

2. Print “The Betrayal of Christ” page and fold ends toward you.

The Betrayal B

3. Glue white center backs of each together. *gluing only center section

They will be back to back and will stand alone

(See Psalms 23 Example)

Psalem 23 Example

4. Print “David the Shepherd Boy” page, cut out and assemble.

David the Shepherd Boy Psalms 23

5. Use “David’s Psalms 23” page for this lesson, place David and sheep in front.  See Above “Psalms 23 Example”.

6. Print Scripture cards, cut and glue.  Laminate or cover with clear contact paper. Punch hole and add to a ribbon, chain, cord, etc., if you choose.

Scriptures for VBS Kingdom Rock

* These scripture memory tags are from the King James Bible.

You will need a sheet of scripture cards for each child.

Material used for these sheets – Thank you!

1. Black and white background bibical pictures courtesy of –


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