Vacation Bible School “Kingdom Rock” – Day 3

Bible Point: Prayer helps us stand strong.

Bible Verse:  (Philippians 4:6)

Bible Story: Nehemiah perseveres to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. (Nehemiah 1–6)

1. Use the “Castle Exterior” for this story –  you printed and glued it together yesterday.

2. Print Nehemiah play set, cut and assemble.


3. Print “Exterior Castle Knights” page, cut and assemble – you  can use either knight with the outdoor background or both if you wish.

Exterior Castle Knights

Nehemiah Playset Example –

Castle Exterior Nehermiah Rebuilding Wall

4. Print shield, motifs and example.  You can make the one shown or use colored paper, cut out your own motifs and glue to shield.

Shield Classic Shape

Motifs –

Shield Lions Three Copies

Here is a list of examples I got from the Kingdom Rock site, but remember, this was before Christ
was born so I am not sure just how the cross was used on a shield back then.

Shield Examples

5. Handle – I cut a three inch strip of cardstock lenghwise to use as the shield handle.  I folded it down an inch on each end and glued to inside of shield.

One shield is needed for each child.  If you use the motifs here print one of those per child as well.

Material used in this lesson  – Thank you!

1. Black and white bibical pictures courtesy of –


2. Castle courtesy of –


3. Black and white knight pictures courtesy of –


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