Paper Crafts – Spring Floral Wreath

Click on each page and save to your computer if you wish to use.

Roll the flower petals on a pencil or dowel – turn some petals down
and others up, like real flowers … to make 3-D.

After you glue center of second part of Flower One pull each stem up,
then glue in center.

We had a lot of fun crafting.  I hope you enjoy as well!


Wreath Template

Flower One


Flower Two, Three and Blossoms –

Blk Flower 2, Yellow Checked Flower 2 and Blossoms

Example –

Spring Wreath Example

Flower template –

I am sorry I removed this and posted the photo above in its place.  However,
I found it was being used by folks online as a wreath graphic so am reposting.

Example Yellow Wreath

Floral fills from “Valencia” scrapkit – Courtesy of Mirella Basche from A Space Between. Thank you!

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