Christmas Message – Animated


For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6  KJV


P. Webb 2002

Long ago and far away … Well, actually, that is true for us here in our time – but, there, it has only been about two days and is just a blink away.

Anyway, while floating on a huge, puffy cloud, and staying out of trouble, she heard this glorious music – harps, trumpets and many, many voices singing. As she dearly loved music, and was a very curious little angel, she just had to see what was happening.

Unfortunately, she could never do two things at once – so, losing her concentration, down off that ole’ cloud she fell – Plop! right into the angel’s choir practice.

Ah, but this wasn’t just any old practice, Father’s dear son was soon to be born on earth and the angels were to go and announce his arrival. This practice was for that extra-special occasion.

Gabriel, the choir director, laughingly said, “Thanks for dropping in, Noel. Make yourself at home”.

Righting herself, she quickly hid behind one of the harpers, and out of his sight; all the while thinking, “”Hum, since I am here I might as well stay”.

Over and over they practiced until they knew all the words and music by heart. Hey, even she knew the words by then – “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men”.

All at once there was a mighty trumpet sound; then a complete hush … Gabriel said, “IT IS TIME!

“Right squadron into formation, left squadron fifteen paces behind”. On and on he issued orders. All obeyed instantly. Talking about being at the right place at the right time. Wow!

Didn’t ask ’cause she knew the answer would be “No”, she just took off right behind Gabriel when he left, carefully keeping out of his line of vision, of course.

My, you should have been there. They came into Earth’s galaxy, with its inky blackness and saw millions of planets and stars …

Then they shot down through the Milky Way, quick as a wink …

“An angel could get her wings singed here”, she thought while trying to stay out of Gabriel’s sight … had to watch out for those Comet tails, you see.

Soon they arrived at the beautiful blue planet Earth. And, in its sky there was a huge shining star.

There were shepherds on a hillside watching their sheep … which were like teeny-tiny puffs of white wool. Sooo cute!

While the angels got into position, Gabriel went to speak with the shepherds, until they were ready to sing. When the shepherds looked up and saw all of them in the air, they were so frightened; looked like they were going to pass out. Couldn’t help herselt, she just had to giggle. “Oh, no”, she had forgotten, but it was too late, she had been discovered. Gabriel said, “Stay right with me. Be quiet! I will most definitely deal with you later”.

About that time, all the angels, that whole bunch began to sing And, I tell you, a multitude is a mighty lot. I ask you, could she NOT sing? Of course, she had to sing. She sang as loud as she could.

A little later, on their way back from seeing Jesus, She and Gabriel went through the little town of Bethlehem. She found these humans very interesting. They lived such a short while on earth in this strange thing they called Time.

She wanted to walk with them, to be among them, maybe even to talk with them, for, actually, she was a very nosey little angel. And, It was so odd … she could hear what they were thinking, and she could sense what they were feeling … “If we pay these taxes we will have nothing left. How will we live?”, questioned one couple.

“I am so cold, so wet and so hungry and soo tired. Where can I go?” hopelessly thought a lonely traveler. And, she felt such mind-numbing pain as an old-one slowly hobbled down the street. Never had she felt such pain, misery and sorrow – Never!

Making her mind up instantly, she said, “Gabriel, I want to stay here and be a guardian angel”. “But, you have no training”, Gabriel replied. “Well, just give me a little human”, she continued “they won’t be so hard to care for”. Gabriel said, “No, they can fall, get burned, get cut, get choked … even an angel that gets into as much mischief as you could never imagine what human children can get into”.

Not giving up she begged, “Give me an older one then, Please!” “No, Noel, their memory gets very poor, they forget to take their medicine, they cannot see or hear properly, which brings a completely new set of problems”, continued Gabriel.

Then, seeing the star in the sky, she laughed in delight and said, “I know, I will stay with Jesus”. Questioningly Gabriel said, “Can you let them beat Him, pull His beard out, spit on Him and finally hang Him on a cross, when you are the one protecting Him? Remember, that is to happen”.

When she remained silent he said, “I thought NOT, you would just “ZAP” them” …  “Go back home, ask Father, if He agrees then get some training. Now, that is all that we will say about the subject”, Gabriel matter-of-factly stated.

Soaring through space as they returned home Noel said, as she looked longingly back at the beautiful blue ball, “Poor Earth” … then a little later and very, very softly she continued, “I love you people” …

Finally, after thinking of the pain, the trouble and the sorrow she had felt back there she said, “You know ‘Ril, something has got to be done; Father just has to help! … But, Gabriel did not reply.

All at once it hit her, the reason they had been to Earth, and why they had been singing. She shouted it out – “JESUS! ”

HE was going to take their pain and heal their sorrow. HE was going to save them! That is why He had gone to Earth.

She was filled with such overwhelming happiness. She opened her mouth and sang … the words raining down throughout the whole Universe …

And all the angels joined in as they winged their way home ~


Graphic supplies by – http://the-feathered-nest.blogspot.com – Thank you!

Elements courtesy of http://poppy-popcornalley.blogspot.com – Thank you too!