Paper Crafts – Interior Model – Dining Room 2

This completes the Interior Models 2 Set – if you have missed any of the rooms, look on the menu to your right, click on “Paper Crafts” and scroll down.

I hope you and your little ones enjoy crafting these.

I am working on a Castle Playset with background, a knight, a lady and dragon.  If these are of interest to you, please check back later.

Example –

Dining Room 2 –

Dining Room 2 Table  –

Dining Room 2 Chairs –

After I glued the chair front and back I trimmed each then used a marker
to color across chair top and anywhere else that needed a touch up.

Dining Room 2 Cabinet – If you would like to make this 3D cabinet,  just glue in front of cabinet pictured in room.