I was reading in Exodus where God told Moses how to build the tabernacle and what do do … reading it as I have many times but this time was different.

Dh and I love all the critters, we put out feed and water … what began as birds and then hummers became squirrel, baby squirrel, rabbits, baby rabbits, deer, baby deer, raccoon, baby raccoon, fox, baby fox … you get the idea.  We watch and intermingle with them all the time.  Some are so tame they come up to us for the food.

So, in reading Exodus it hit me that for sin an animal had to die.

Can you imagine feeding and leading sheep to water, watching them, fighting for them, being with them all the time.  Knowing which was little and weak, which had a mean streak, etc. Then, time comes when you have to choose which will die for something you had done.  To have to take the animal to the priest and kill it and put your hand on its head so it became your sacrifice, took your sin so you need not die.

It had to be a perfect animal – I would go buy somebody elses I certainly wouldn’t give one of mine, I think to myself.  But, hey, then I realize it is still a little animal going to die for me, for my sin.  There was just no way around it. That being said I remember all those little ones who died over all those years.

But, Father did not go buy someone else’s child to give,  when it came time to make the supreme sacrifice, He gave the best, sinless and whole, perfect, His son, His only son.

Jesus, God’s son, the young jewish fellow, died and my sin was placed on him at the cross, so when I believed that He died and arose, it was like touching his head and letting him take my sin as the animals did before.

There is no more sacrifice for sin as Jesus paid it all – gave His life for me and for the world, became my sacrifice.  Now, I need not fear death, for there is eternity with God.
And now,  no animal needs to be sacrificed.