… I am always trying to find new crafts … my computer room table certainly reflects that … At the moment there is a birdhouse … a butterfly house … a replica of Mary and Martha’s home in Bethany … a card stock pocketbook full of notes … various and sundry pieces of paper furniture in two boxes … many miniature houses … and a treasure chest … I love locating, re-inventing and making these … I suppose it is the child in me but I have many hours of pleasure here at this table …  I do hope you find things here at Ammey’s Art Attic that you too can enjoy crafting and sharing …  Thank you, Father, for this opportunity and for the abilities you have given me to do this … what a gift from you!

… Our kitchen, dining and living area is combined … we have a large table in this area and it is where we all convene for whatever the occasion … We pull up a chair, pass the coffee and talk and talk … we share speghetti dinners, watermelon feasts and the latest things baked … be it with friends or family … what a blessing … thank you, Father, for this precious gift!

3. The third gift is the one I receive each time I come to the table for my devotions … like the song says …” His peace fell around me, the same as yesterday” … I love this time at the table … a time of sharing and caring … Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of Your love!