These gifts are the little wild things that live around here  …

1. There are many squirrel here that we enjoy, but one is especially fun to watch … He has a white ring around his tail just where it attaches to his little body … He will climb on the porch railing and wait each evening until dh gives him walnuts … If Rog forget he lets us know …

It began when we would sit on the deck every day and enjoy a snack, around 3:30 PM … At first he was just curious and each day he would come a little bit closer, then a little closer … He would swing on the tree limbs, jump on the roof, then onto the deck.

Dh began leaving bits of snack on the railing for him … that was all it took … Now we are his/her best friends.  lol

2. And, my little man planted flowers all around the garden for the bees and little flying thingies … he was really happy at the way they were growing and filling in the space … This morning he went out there and discovered deer had cleaned out the place – lol – Actually they left the plants close to the ground … sort of looks like someone went through with one of those old fasioned mowing scythes and cut them off halfway … I did hear dire warnings and threatenings in his mutterings … something about  “deer stew” and “fried deer steak”.

3. All our grandkids … guess we can call them little wild things … they are such fun and we never know what they will do or say.

Dearest Father, thank you for these three gifts that really made me smile.