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These three gifts I inherited when my brother died a few years ago

… gift one … his bible … he belonged to a group that prayed each day for world leaders, world situations and things that needed to be prayed for at the time … He received a bible explaining intercessory prayer and that was the bible he used each day … He has scriptures underlined … prayers noted in the margin … many questions and explanations … It is very, very well worn, and as you can guess, I love it.

… gift two … His riding lawn mower … I jokingly say I am going to go mow the lower forty … but, I love this mower … I ride along singing … “Praise God to who all blessings flow” … “Holy, Holy, Holy” … I enjoy seeing and hearing nature.  What a blessing!

… gift three an afghan he made … every time it is cold and I use it I think of him, his talents and remember how giving he was …

These three gifts are old and worn, but they are gifts I cherish …

Thank you, Father, for three gifts worn!