Today is Saturday, the day before Easter … I am wondering about that Saturday so many, many years ago … what was Mary thinking and feeling …

As all mother’s know, hers was the ultimate sorrow … a son whose only intention in this world was to help, heal and save and was so inhumanly violated … beaten … cursed … humiliated … physically, mentally and spiritually abused … then, murdered …

I can only imagine the pain … I, too feel pain for my own son so many, many times when disaster has struck and there is nothing I can do but weep over the circumstances.

I wonder did she know for sure he was God and would rise on Sunday morning?  Did she know the facts but was worried that she was wrong, like we often are?  Was she so overwhelmed by all that had gone wrong for him that she forgot everything else he had told her?  I remember, she was at the tomb very early … did she go as we think, with perfumes or did she go to make sure the tomb was empty?

Each time I hear Ava Maria I think of her, think of her pain and am so grateful to God for the glory of resurrection day.

Oh,  dearest Father, we thank You for resurrection day!