… 3 gifts round …

Many years ago a contest was running … purchase so much, keep your tickets … redeem for a piece of jewelry … My children wanting to give me a surprise for Christmas saved and saved … It was a snowy season and I remember the many times they had their dad stop at that store so they could buy something … They would return …  running across that parking lot …  snow flakes sticking to their hair … cheeks pink and flushed … with beaming faces and little secretive smiles.

Christmas came and I was given a lovely pearl ring … My little man gave me a pin, a flower with a pearl center … Now, each time I wear one, I wear the other and I am reminded of those precious memories …

The third gift round is a wee Hallmark piece with a mouse attached to a clock … It is a reminder of Christmas one with our first dear grandchild.

What lovely gifts, what wonderful memories … thank you, Father, for three gifts round.