The first two did not appear to be gifts at the time, but ever  afterwards have … with much laughter …

…  My three year old and I were Christmas shopping after an especially hectic day at work … Finally, with shopping complete my turn came to checkout from a mile long line … I bent to put more items on the counter when my daughter decided to remove my wig … there was complete silence then roars of laughter … all the way up and down the isles.  At least she made some people’s day happier.

… My son was not quite two, we were in the produce department at the grocery store.  All of a sudden a huge smile crossed his little face and with outstretched arms, trying to snap his little fingers he cried “Here doggy, here doggy …”  I flew out of there … he was calling to an elderly man with long white hair and a full bushy beard.

… Walking to church one Wednesday evening we saw a tiny kitten by the road … never one to abandon anything my aunt, who was only a few years older than I, picked it up and put it in her pocket.

All was fine until later kitty wanted out … the minister was speaking and we heard … “meow” … he continued and there was a louder “meow” … on he went and louder still another “meow” … by that time I was stuffing my mouth with tissue trying not to laugh out loud.  She finally took the kitty outside …

… it was a very prim and proper church.

Thank you, Lord, for three gifts that made me laugh.