… three gifts round

1 … I found a dime as I was getting out of the car going into the bank.  I picked it up and put it in my pocketbook.

It reminded me of a time when things were so rough the kids and I looked all through the house and car trying to find change to get things needed … we turned over the cushions … checked every drawer … looked in all the little containers … at every find the little ones would yell with excitement … When we totaled them up what joy to find we had just enough.

2 … An old embroidery hoop enclosing a piece of quilted art. What fun it was to craft … so long ago … I was young with my little ones about …  just waiting until they closed their eyes to work on my piecework … I would walk down the hall thanking God that they were sound asleep and for another day of blessing … then off to my sewing.

3 … An old round trash can … One morning after everyone had left for work and school I took the trash out … my little man had spray painted “I love you” on that old can … lol.

Memories … rough times … fun times … caring times …

Thank you, Lord, for three gifts round.