Here is a tee transfer for you – Yellow is going to look soo sunny on these upcoming April shower days.

This is a fun project to make with your child, just be sure you do the ironing.

T-Shirt Transfer Instructions

1. Supplies Needed

– T-Shirt Transfers – Printer – Cotton or Cotton/Poly Blend Fabric (T-shirt, canvas tote, etc.) – Pillow Case – Ironing Surface – Must be a hard, non-porous surface. DO NOT USE IRONING BOARD – Household Iron

2. Preparation

Step 1 – Prewash to remove any starch or sizing. Fabric must be cotton. cotton/poly blend or canvas.

Step 2 – Wash in cold water with regular detergent. Do not add bleach or fabric softener.

Step 3 – Dry on normal setting. Do not add fabric softener sheets.

3. Download or design your own image.

4. Print image onto transfer paper following the transfer paper’s instructions.

5. Iron image onto your fabric, following transfer paper’s instructions.

6. Caring for your item after transfer has been applied.

Washing – allow one day before washing. Wash in warm water, turning garment inside out. Remove as soon as cycle is finished. Do no bleach.

Drying – Lay flat to dry. Do not place in dryer.