… A gift in wind and water … My little man was a first responder which meant during times of turbulance he was away, no matter the hour.  Several years ago there was a hurricane … he had to leave and I was alone.  I wasn’t really afraid at first, but as the wind rose, so did my fear.  I turned the radio high, called the dog and cat and went into an inner hall … I could hear the trees falling, the limbs and debris flying by and the roof tearing …   I began to panic … suddenly I heard a knock at the door.  The dog barked so I knew it was not my imagination … It was my son and his wife, who had driven about fifty miles, through all that to be with me so I would not be alone … We had no more than got settled when there was another knock and it was my younger son and his girlfriend, who had also driven miles to be with me … I asked what on earth they were doing out in that weather and they said, “Well,  mom, dad didn’t want you to be alone, so since he couldn’t be here we came” … About that time my daughter called and said, “Mom, stay on the phone with me and talk so I will know you are alright”.

How blessed I am with such a loving family.  Is that not a wonderful gift from God?

… A gift in white … there have been three lovely weddings in our family and I have been priviledged to craft three beautiful wedding gowns … One, to the floor and fitted, in ecru lace and satin, with long sleeves and a medium tipped veil … One, to the floor and fitted – in  white lace and satin – with a large white brimmed hat … And, one, to the floor with  full skirt, in white satin … a long flowing train and veil .  I loved making them and loved even more seeing what beautiful brides each were.

God is good … thank you Father for a gift in wind, in water and in white.