3 gifts in Christ …

… Love … Love of the Lord we know, feel, understand … well, in a small human way we understand. Scriptures say we know we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren … So, when we receive His love, we in turn pass it along.

I work with digital art a lot and I am always surfing to find artists who will allow use of their art without all the strings attached … Used to be, when it was new to the internet world, most were happy to have you use their art, even grateful for the recognition … now, sadly that is not the case … However, whenever I find a new site that has beautiful art and lots of it free to use, I know before I look that the artist is a Christian.  Look for yourself, you will see what I mean.

Now, that is putting scripture into action, isn’t it?

I think love is a wonderful gift from above, and we should share our time and talents with everyone as often as possible … charge if you need to, but, remember to share in love, freely give as we freely receive.

… Happiness … the fun things of life … crafting beautiful things, making music … cooking and baking … listening to the raindrops falling … walking in the dusk … reading all those words written by folks who lived just as I, but long ago … happiness in all the small things which really are the”big” things.

… Gratitude … gratitude for what God has so richly bestowed on me and my little family … but, more than that, that God has allowed me to be grateful and not selfish wanting to get, get, get … I could be that way, I used to be and many are today … so, it is a gift I appreciate.

Love, happiness and gratitude … 3 gifts in Christ … thank you, Father!