Three gifts in the kitchen …

… I was a little girl, way before I started school, it was thanksgiving and the member’s of dad’s clan were home. Ladies gathered in the kitchen cooking … instead of running me out grams let me stay.  Oh, how grown-up I felt to be part of that happy mob.  I learned right then and there the importance of family and how precious it is … Family is a most wonderful gift!

… We lived a far piece from our grandparents, so each summer and at holidays I could visit.  It was at my maternal grandmother’s I learned much about giving.  She made big batches of candy and mailed overseas to the soldiers, most, of whom were complete strangers.  She included cards and messages.

She crocheted pin cushions, made aprons … sewed various and sundry items … baked pies and cookies, to sell for missions. Grandmother also fed the ladies missionary society many yummy meals, all from her kitchen because she had the quilt frame in her basement and they came there to make the quilts they sold.

Yes, I was there, wrapping the pin cushions and aprons, listening to the gossip (lol) … and licking the pots and pans.

Grandmother had little money, neither did the other ladies of her church, but that did not stop them from working and giving.  You would be surprised at all their accomplishments. … Great life lessons learned.

… Finally, I remember all the cookies made, gifts wrapped, pizza’s made, homework done and meals cooked, served and eaten in our own little family kitchen.  What memories and what joy –  As I said family is a most wonderful giftk

Thank you, Father, for three gifts in the kitchen!