– Losing my baby girl … it was so difficult … I cried … cried, and cried more, for months on end … in the wee hours of the morning my dear little man just held me.

After years I see … she never felt pain …  never cried a single tear …never had a broken heart … She knew only and always the love of God … happiness … joy.  How can I be sad?

– Being with children who have made wrong choices and must face the consequences … to wonder what I might have done differently … said differently when they were at home to have kept them from this path.

But, as I have said, God is wiser than I and loves much more than I … I will leave it all to Him.

– Being old – not quite as old as the hills but aiming that way … Things don’t work as well … eyes dim … sound become less distinct … joints ache in cold or rainy weather … best watch my step …

But, another dove says it’s going to rain … the Canada geese fly over on their way to the lake … the stars fling across the sky … Hey, I am alive!

Thank you, Father, for difficult gifts, it is in the valley you restore my soul.