Three gifts in shadow … gifts that we don’t see at once … quietly waiting to be noticed and appreciated …

We had a large home, one with high ceilings, big rooms, open floor space, everything we loved … but, we began our little family and needed an area safer, with less crime; not close to the highway and more space for kids to play. Thus our move to the country.

That sounds easy, but our budget did not include monies for a new “large” home, so we settled for a modular.  We waited and waited for delivery, then found to our dismay it had burned at the factory.  We were devastated.  It would be a year or two before we could get that particular home, so we would have to start over.  We wondered what on earth God had in mind. Finally, we got our new home and moved in.

Right away we knew of several perks this home had that the other didn’t … wider, longer and extra bedrooms … kitchen and dining area larger.  We were elated.  However, the real benefits took much longer for us to realize and appreciate.

Because it had aluminum siding and behind each strip of aluminum there was a strip of cork to keep it from denting, it made excellent insulation which meant very low heating and cooling costs and  little maintenance.

We especially appreciate those features now that we are living on retirement income and are less agile.

So, I am thinking my three gifts in shadow are the gifts of low heating bills, low cooling bills and low maintenance costs.  God took care of our needs, beyond that we hoped.  Thank you Father!