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I lost my father, who each and every day prayed for me and my family … our problems, our fears, our future … When he passed away I knew nobody would ever again care enough to pray for me in that way.  I felt, “unsheltered”, I guess is the word for it, sort of lost and afraid.

I could pick up that mantle of prayer and pray it forward … but, who was I to pray for anyone?  I was neither a minister, nor a teacher, not even a particularly “great” christian …

Then, I remembered the bible teaches the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be uttered … So, would He not give me help with the task at hand … to know how to pray …to know what to pray … to know when to pray?

In losing my father  I find the “power” of prayer … the power who helps  me in making prayers for others … Thank you, Father!