Three ways to feel the love of God today  …

When worrying about my youngest child, about his choices, where they have led … his future … I feel hopeless.  But, God lets me know we are both his children. He loves us and His will, WILL be done.  And, of course, if it is HIS will it will be the best for him, for us both.

Jesus loves me, this I know … because He has never failed.  I have been traveling this way for many, many years.  I am reminded this day, He is the same, yesterday, today and forever!

And, another day is ending, another week-end.  This one promises to be full of freezing rain and snow … lots of it.

However, I am blessed with a warm home and a husband who enjoys cooking and baking when the cold winds blow.

What great ways to feel God’s love today … thank You, Father!