Three gifts that were surprises … unexpected grace!

This is difficult to write as it makes me cry and posting while crying does not make for good keystrokes.

I was waiting in one hospital for my surgery in another.  The folks working there were such godly people, asking if they could pray for us or trying to find things for my husband and me that we needed.  The day I was transferred one of the ladies ran down the hall with us as we were taken to the ambulance, praying with us and telling us her church was praying also.

I am not Catholic but was in a Bon Secours hospital.  I was visited by a dear little sister and in the process of talking about the things of Christ and praying we had a visit from the Holy Spirit.

Later on awakening after surgery I found a prayer shawl in my bed from another Catholic church.  I knew I was surrounded by prayer and I felt such peace.

I never told anyone I was Christian as things transpired so quickly,  BUT  God knew and worked on the hearts of His people who obeyed Him – He knew how frightened I was and how alone my husband felt.

Oh, how I thank Him for being there when we so needed Him. I pray I will be open to His Spirit and respond in the way those dear people did for me.  Thank You, Jesus, for healing  – By Your stripes we are healed.