A gift broken, a gift fixed, a gift thrifted …

1. In a very rough patch for our little family, my little man and  I took my diamond to a pawn shop. When we went back with the ticket to redeem, the diamond had been sold.  I was devastated.  So, at Christmas I was given a new one.  It meant the world to me as I knew what hubby had gone without to get it for me.

Later that year, while making biscuits, the diamond came out of the setting.  I looked everywhere for it, even to crumbling the biscuits, with no luck.  Everyone joined in the search, much like the bibical story, but, still nothing.

Time marched on, then on a bright sunshiny morning I came walking down the hall as a ray of sun hit something on the floor making it sparkle – My diamond – What joy!

2. A gift fixed … On a computer my son bought for me I lost everything in the psp graphics folder. Many dear online pspers sent me tubes, gradients, masks, brushes, etc.  But one lady sent me the url to her storage site with the password and said for me to help myself.  How utterly unselfish … my graphics folder was almost fixed in very short order.  What a wonderful gift!

3. A gift thrifted … Penney’s closed their custom sewing shop in our town. Much of the material was split between its employees. One, who was a family friend, gave me three plastic trash cans full of material.  I had sooo much fun and it lasted and lasted. Stuffed animals and dolls, place mats and clothes, pillows, curtains and bunches of other items were made for those who otherwise could not afford them.

So, there you have it, my three gifts … a gift broken, a gift fixed, a gift thrifted …  God is so good and He does supply.  Thank you, Father.