Three gifts found outside …

This is easy, it would be our wildlife.

As seen from my window and the deck.  We feed raccoon, oppossum, rabbits, skunks, deer, fox, groundhogs, birds a plenty and some neighborly, nosey little squirrels.

The first gift  … A baby rabbit … evidently its mom was a casualty. It lived under the forsythia bush and ate with the birds and other critters.  It was not long before this one thought he/she was one of the family.

It played with the squirrels and doves, seemingly not missing any of its kin, which worried me as everything needs family and it didn’t seem to.

One evening I saw the rabbit out back, which was odd as it lived inside the fenced front yard. But, it was another rabbit and before long both disappeared.  I am anticipating baby bunnies come spring.

The second gift  …  A raven …  obviously it had been hit by scattered buck shot; its wing
was broken.  It tried to fly, with no success, then it hid in the bushes. It waited and waited until the others left off feeding and watering then crept out and ate here.  Another bird had stayed with it and together they lived here the whole winter.

We watched it get stronger and less afraid each day.  It figured out an ingenious way of hopping up trees to roost and then sliding back down to come eat and drink.

When weather became warmer the two flew away.  However, they do return.  Last time  another raven was with them.  We know it is our bird because his wing is slightly crooked and he limps when he walks.

And, finally, the third gift – We saw a hawk light among the doves and squirrels that were eating under the bird feeders.  They kept right on eating, just moved over so the hawk could get in the water for a bath.  That was something to see.

What joyful gifts these are, watching wild things eat, play and  grow. We feel this must have been how it was with Adam and the wild life long ago before sin entered this world.

Thank you Father for these lovely gifts!