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One gift stitched …

A dear lady from Canada, that I met online at least ten years ago, mailed me a set of sheets and pillow slips which were hand crafted with intricate cut-outs and embroidery.

I use one of the pillow cases on my bed each day.  It sits in front of the other pillows. A gift of love from my dear friend and I in turn love the gift.

One gift hammered …

I wanted a porch or deck for years.  One summer before vacation hubby talked to our two sons 8 and 13, explaining if they would help him build a deck for mommy, he would take them on vacation and they could choose the place.  One wanted to go to the mountains, the other to the beach.

They methodically carried lumber and nails, every so often being gently reminded of their goal.  The deck became a reality, now mind you, it was not a professional job, but it was a real labor of love.

True to his word, hubby took them to the mountains to camp out in a tent, to cook over camp fires and to fish in cold lakes.  Then, on to Sandbridge for RV living, swimming, fishing, boating and lovely sunsets and sunrises over the ocean.

Now, every day as I sit on the deck, under the old oaks, drinking my tea or coffee, the memories abound … For that and all the peace and serenity that I find there I am very grateful … truly a gift of joy.

One gift woven …

I have a tapestry of two children crossing a narrow broken bridge which hangs over a deep chasm .  A protecting angel is with them.

It reminds me of my night of terror when an angel spoke to me saying “Not to fear, we are here now”.

Three gifts found … one stitched, one hammered, one woven … Thank you, dearest Father!