I am taking the Joy Dare for February.

I will snap a photo or record 3 gifts a day.  My gifts from God … my share of joy from him.

1. My first choice is the dish cabinet sharing our living room. 

I have always wanted one but choose to forego over the years due to little fingers and more important things to purchase.

This cabinet is full of lovely plates, saucers, cups, sugar bowls and creamers, with an occational piece of ceramic whimsy.  It is such a source of joy to me.  It represents hours of afternoon and evening trips to quaint antique shops, Goodwill stores etc.

My husband, who hates to shop, happily escorted me for days on end to find the perfect piece.  So, more than an object filled with objects, to me it is love, love from my husband, pure and simple.  A gift from God, the perfect one for me and I do give Him praise for this joy.

2. The second one is a puzzle, worked then glued, sprayed and attached to my bathroom wall.  It is a lovely shelf of potted plants and flowers by Janet Kruskamp. 

I saved this puzzle and added it to the wall as it reminds me of the hours of fun my son and I spent together working it and talking.  Shared memories that bring a smile to my face and love to my heart.  Another gift of joy from my dear Lord, thank you!

3. My third choice is a picture that hangs in the dining room.  It belonged to my mother and for years shared mom and dad’s home. Now it is mine.  But, it is more than that – it is a window frame broken into smaller panes and each pane has a different farm view.

It reminds me of the year I learned about faith.  When dad was ill, we lived on the farm and had little to eat, nothing for heat and were desperate.  I hung on the garden gate one evening at sunset. I cried out to God, at eight years and asked for His help.

He responded by sending folks from churches with so much food it ran all around our dining room after completely filling the table.

We received a truck full of coal for the stoves and bags of clothes that mom remade to fit us. Dad’s hospital bill was paid in full before he ever left the hospital.

Those little panes in the picture, the hay wagon, the water pump, the barn, the apples and pumpkins, all remind me of that year.  What a gift God gave that little girl, she always knew her Father would take care of her from that day forward.  And, He has.  Thank you, Father.

More to come …