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This is the story of Jonah and we use the  Big Fish Craft.

1. Cut out all parts

2. Attach Front Dorsal to Big Fish front – look at picture for placement.

3. Attach Front Flipper to Big Fish front, again, look at picture for placement.

4. Glue Front Fish to Back Big Fish part – Gluing around edges carefully with
glue stick.  Don’t glue mouth or teeth part, leave that open.  Black color
will be to the outside and white inside.

5. Let dry thoroughly.  I inserted a pencil, eraser end first, and made sure
Big Fish was glued only on edges.

6. Jonah can now be placed in Big Fish’s mouth, if you like.

Part Two – Making Card –

7. Fold 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper in the center.  Cut into two equal pieces.

8. Carefully fold one piece in half.  Look at example and make two cuts
from the folded side.

9. Open card, pull cut piece toward you and fold in opposite direction.  Close card

10. Reopen and you now have your shelf.  Glue big fish on front of
shelf.  See picture.  Color in some water  on piece behind big fish.
Add small fish, Glue sand on bottom, glue on plants and shells.