Day Four is “God Loves you” – Luke 23 and is about Jesus.  This is the most important
lesson.  We thought perhaps you would rather use your own ideas here.  Cris is working on
her craft for this and if she agrees I will post it here  later. Then, you can use it if you wish.

Day Five – “God Gives Good Gifts” – This the story of Hannah praying for a child.
The paper craft is a gift bag.  Have child decorate anyway they wish.  Mine was
made using colored pencils … scribbles in purple, green, yellow and blue and
yellow circles.  I used white ribbon for the handle and placed colored tissue in
completed box.  You can use also use stickers, glitter pens, paints,
or glue on colored paper.

Have child write a prayer, fold and place inside gift bag.
Encourage them to pray each night for the request.

Answered prayer is a wonderful gift from God.