This month’s paper project theme is for guys and is “Pirates” … we’ll have a ship to make, a treasure map, a treasure chest to assemble, some jewels
and pieces of eight to place inside.

(Right click and save each sheet to your computer).

Find a paper towel roll, punch holes in each side, add a piece of twine
and you will have a perfect glass with which to spy …  “Land, ahoy, Matey”.

Tie a bright scarf around your head, add one gold earring, a mustache drawn
on with mom’s mascara and maybe an eye patch, and you will be one fetching pirate.

O.K, Elijah, this month’s paper project is for you and any other
guys out there who might enjoy.

You will Need: 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of cardstock, tape, glue or glue sticks.
You will need markers, crayons or water colors if you choose to color yourself.
All pieces printed

It is a good idea to have all your 3-D pieces, cut out, folded,
glued and dried before you begin. These little pieces will be tiny squares.
You will need to turn down each end piece slightly to fit over connecting piece.

1. Look at your base picture, this is how your completed picture will look.

2. Cut out  the painted ship or black and white one if you want
to paint your own.

3. Glue ship onto sky-cloud background or make your own.

4. Cut out sails and flags.

5. Glue Sail #5 onto ship.

6. Now, for the fun part, to make 3-D glue small squares on the space
behind Sail #4, then glue to Sail #4 on ship. (Note base picture).

7. Glue on Sail #3.

8. Again glue small squares on the space behind Sail #2 and attach Sail #2.

9. Glue small square behind Sail #1 and attach Sail #1.

10. Glue small squares on backside of water, one on left and one on right,
then glue water to picture – place in front of ship.

Note: You can roll sail pieces over a pencil to get a slight bend if you
would like and you can glue pieces of twine or thread for rope.  If you
do this just glue in spots so thread will hang like rope would hang.

*I made this last night and did not see the need for the string,
but it is your choice.

Keep checking back as we will  s0on post the treasure map,
treasure chest and treasure for you to print and make.

I hope you enjoy these projects.