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3-D Secret Fairy Garden

I purchased a shelf from Goodwill.  It has diamond patterned
door covers.  I glued a 3-D scene onto the two shelves inside
then bought a tiny lock and key for the doors.

I glued the Fairy home to the bottom shelf in the back, put some greenery
in front on both sides using the white strips behind each to make 3-D; 
added some smaller flowers in front of those and glued
a rabbit just to the side in front. 

On the top shelf I glued greenery in back, glued flowers in front
of that making each 3-D.  On the front of the shelf I glued a vine.
Inside I hid a few tiny fairies tucked in between the greenery and flowers.

Some of the flowers, the rabbit and its home I did not have permission
to post for online use, so I an posting these that you may use.  You can look
online and find others, if you wish.

My grand-daughters love this garden, but, I must confess
I surely did enjoy putting it all together. 

I hope you and your young ones have a great time making
your own Secret Fairy Garden.

You will notice there are a couple of boy elves included so this will work
for guys as well as gals.



1. Right click and save all pages to your computer. 

There are five pages – Flowers for Secret Fairy Garden “A”,
Flowers for Secret Fairy Garden “B”, Plants for Secret Fairy Garden,
“Fairy Home” and Fairies for Secret Fairy Garden.

I will post them one page at a time beginning today and then every other day. 

2. Use crayons, magic markers or paints to color. 

                     Note: Placing clear contact paper on front after coloring is a good idea.

3. Cut out all pieces, including the long strips.

4. Fold and glue the strips.  After they are dry you can use to make any
of your objects 3-D.  Glue dried folded strip to back of flower, etc.
then glue where you wish in your garden.

5. Use either heavy cardstock, a shoebox, a windowbox, a shelf
or reinforced poster board – anything you have on hand or would
care to use for your secret garden. You could use a broken flower
pot or teapot … just use your imagination.

If you make the Secret Fairy Garden, I would love to see your results.
Perhaps you could post a picture here for all of us to view.


To find all of the pages for this craft just look on the menu to your right – Paper Crafts – Secret Fairy Garden