Life’s Challenge 
What did you do with your yesterday?
Did it make you happy or sad ?
Did you use it wisely in every way?
Did you find that your heart was glad?

What did you do with the lovely dawn,
The morning all bright and fair,
The afternoon that was here and gone
With a beauty so fresh and rare?
What will you do with tomorrow, dear?
Make it a day worthwhile,
Fill up your mind with a happy thought,
Your heart, with a kindly smile.

Somewhere, a bluebird will sing your song,
Somewhere, the rainbow’s end.
Surely you’ll find a joy worthwhile
In the thrill of being a friend.
What will you do in the future years?
No one but you can decide.
However glowing your hopes and dreams,
However worthy your pride.

Life has a challenge she offers you,
Time is a precious thing,
Meet each tomorrow with hands outstretched,
Accept what each new day will bring.

~ Rose ~

Used with permission

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Happy New Year, everyone!