Christmas work is done … cards, decorations, cooking and baking, gifts bought, wrapped and mostly delivered.  We have been reclining before the Christmas tree  and reliving Christmas’ past.  What memories …

My family was poor … very poor.  Dad worked at various and sundry jobs but mostly he was a pastor, sometimes with three churches but more often, two.  Back then salaries were collections from a weekly church service so one did not aspire to be affluent if one’s calling was to be a church pastor.  Thus, Christmas was rich in worship, friends, fellowship and tons of food but restricted in gift buying.

Mother, never one to worry about what she did not have, but what she  could get and make into something great, went to the local goodwill and bought two used dolls.  She purchased one in the summer and one in the fall.  They were dirty and unkempt but refurishable.  These had lovely porcelain faces. She washed the bodies several times until they were no longer dirty.   Mixing sugar water she cut, curled and set their hair.  After drying she pulled the curls into long ringlets.  Then she sewed clothes for every immaginable occasion … sleeping, dancing, gardening, cooking, working, even making rain coats and coats with fur trimmed necks with hand muffs.  When Christmas arrived my sister and I were the happiest two little girls in the world.  The dolls cost $1.25 each but we could not have been happier if they had cost a million.  As you can see, we were not really POOR.

Wishing you and yours all the warmth and joy of the Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of God’s greatest gift to us all, Jesus Christ!

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